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Fuck me

Now, my attitude has always been that hobbies cost and that’s fine – and MTT’s had definitely been a hobby of mine. However, 60k+ for hobbies is a bit rich for my taste (especially when I thought I was, despite my care-free attitude, a winning player). It could be variance – sure. But what if it’s not? I should probably do something about it. Come to think of it: my standard pregame rep had been nonexistent and more often than not I have found myself just lying on my sofa pushing buttons that seem “fun” more than anything even close to rational decision-making. In other words: I had put absolutely zero effort in. This got me thinking: What if I did though? Could I be a winning player at semi/ high stakes NL tournaments? I think that I could.  Of course, Isaac Newton believed that alchemy works. So clearly, men with far greater brain power than me have been wrong on far greater subjects before. But… It could be worth a try.

And so the “Make TheJudas great at NL again” was born. It seems like a perfect fit. I have no problem twitching NL MTT’s, quite the opposite, I feel great if you guys join me as I try to become a winning tournament player once again. In a perfect world you will enjoy Twitch and I will re-learn “the great game”. A win-win.

Just to be sure of my progress though, I also made quite a few calls to people who have been crushing it lately. They found the idea of turning a bit degenerate PLO player into a winning NL tournament player extremely entertaining and agreed to help me along the way.

We just might have some outs here.

My first Twitch ever starts tomorrow at 18:00 CET. I already went over some tournament hands with Mr.Jouhkimainen and bought a couple bottles of wine – hope to see you there as well.

คาสิโน โบนัส 100
คาสิโน โบนัส 100%
คาสิโน โบนัส100%
เฮงๆ 666 คาสิโน

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