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1st hand of MTT, did I misplay the river here? Need your opinion/advice

Situation: Very first hand dealt in $1 45 player SNG on pokerstars. Obviously no read on villian, and stacks are starting size, 1500 each, 75 BB effective.Blinds are 10/20, Ante is 3Action: Folds to Villain in Lo-Jack who raises 2.5x, Hero is on Hi-jack with 4s 4c and calls. Action folds to Big blind, who calls.Pot total – 187 chipsThoughts: Action is completely standard here, nothing of note.Flop: As Qh 4hAction: Big blind checks, Villain C-bets 1/3 pot (60 chips), Hero raises 3.25x (200 chips), Big blind folds, Villain calls.Pot total – 587 chipsThoughts: We flopped bottom set on a some-what draw heavy board (gutshots and flush draws), and we have a very strong hand, so I elected to raise now to build the pot with the (almost certainly) best hand. I’m still losing to AA and QQ but I’m not worried about that once Villain just calls, as I figure he’d likely get it all in with either holding here and set over set IDGAF losing to anyway.Turn: 3sAction: Villain checks, hero bets ~75% pot (454 chips), Villain calls.Pot total – 1495 chipsThoughts: not a particularly scary turn card, so I bet an amount thought I villain would call, while simultaneously leaving enough behind for a comfortable shove on river.River: 5hAction: Villain checks, Hero shoves all-in, Villain calls and shows Ah KhThoughts: The reason for this post is I want to know if I made a good or bad shove on this river. If I bet small, I’m priced to call his all-in shove anyway. If I check however, is that a “passive/nitty” play that is leaving money on the table in the long run, or is that the more sensible play? I put Villain on an Ace, particularly Ace-King/Queen/Jack/Ten, once they called my flop raise. I wasn’t worried about a deuce, but I did think about the flush coming in before I shoved. The check-call on the turn didn’t change my thoughts on their hand. I honestly kind of figured a hand as strong as Villains would have re-raised or insta-shoved my flop raise and was a bit surprised here. Appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

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