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Poker Ethics Question

I’m in college and playing in a weekly friendly cash home game where buy ins are usually ~50 bucks and most anyone will ever lose on a night is +/- 130, depending on number of players and it’s usually 6-8 guys who play- all friends The guy whose hosting is a good player and plays a lot but was getting some real bad luck the first few hours of play- Aces cracked, losing to gutters on the river, etc… I bought in for 50 and have around 100 in front of me- most of which was losing player ^ At some point during the game host adds on for 70 to his short stack ~ 30 which was a high amount- at this point he was on tilt Comes to a heads up hand between him and I and he goes all in on river- I call with a full house 8s and aces He has better boat of aces and 8s (sigh)- it’s hard to lay down a full house But all of a sudden I went from up 50’to down like 50 in an instant and it’s cause he essentially added on to His stack to match (and even surpass) mine. I was honestly shocked when I realized he had me covered. It’s like where did all those chips just come from??? We’re all friends but I thought it was kind of BS for him to just add on another 70 like he did when he still had at least 30 in front of him and added on once already. If he added to just get back to 50-70 I would’ve been totally cool. Maybe I’m just being salty for nothing. Just want to hear what the fellow degenerate community has to say thanks. submitted by /u/Jabosis63 [comments]

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