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Poker player had a big role in the WallStreetBets story

We recap some stories you may have missed including another betting dispute and Polk and Negreanu become study buddies.

Poker player role in WallStreetBets story

If you are unfamiliar with the WallStreetBets/Gamestop saga, either skip this section right now or brew some coffee for the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes. 
For those familiar with the story, there is a poker connection. Poker player Daniel Moravec made a viral post on the infamous subreddit explaining how to buy Gamestop shares above broker limits. 
Gamestops share price is currently at $60 after being as high as $347 less than two weeks ago. 
Sami Kelopuro wins Majors in a night

There are too many MTT winner every night to report on them all but we like our back-to-back-to-back winners here at PokerStrategy.
High stakes legend Sami Kelopuro scored a hat trick on Monday winning three Majors at GGPoker in one evening. 
He took down the High Rollers Blade Bounty King PLO event for $30,832, then another High Rollers Blade PLO event for $27,047. Finally he took down a No Limit event in the High Rollers Blade series for $54,866.  
Chan vs Timex
Poker is once again embroiled in a dispute over the terms of a bet, this time between Terrence Chan and Mike McDonald. Chan is aggrieved because McDonald’s company PokerShares did not stipulate the handicap component in the upcoming Tice vs Perkins heads-up match.
Most people agreed that it was clear enough that the bet included the handicap given it was the most notable aspect of the match, but things got nasty from the start after McDonald started proceedings by calling Chan ‘dumb’. 
The debate is still going on and McDonald is not backing down, if you haven’t gone down the WallStreetBets rabbit hole you can go down this one instead:

This is a tweetstorm I never thought I’d write, and I’m disappointed I had to write. In it, I’m going to call out @pokershares and @MikeMcDonald89, a site and a person I’ve been a fan of. I will endeavour to just put the facts forward first, then add my commentary/feelings later.
— Terrence Chan (@tchanpoker) February 8, 2021

Polk and Negreanu are study buddies
Finally, we live in strange times, did you ever think you would see Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk doing hand reviews together? 
Polk was a guest on Negreanu’s DAT Poker Podcast and it looks for the most part the hachette has been buried between the two. They showed each other respect and talked strategy from their challenge. 
He may be retired from poker, but can Doug Polk really retire from ‘more rake is better’ jokes? Only time will tell. 

Have you followed the WallStreetBets saga? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter
Barry Carter is the editor of PokerStrategy.com and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, Poker Satellite Strategy and PKO Poker Strategy

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