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Bad river value bet?

Ignition 5NL ZonePreflop: I open BU ($9.15) to $0.15 with AcAh, only BB ($6.85) calls.Flop ($0.31): Ad6c4h. BB checks, I bet $0.11, BB calls.Turn ($0.52): 7d. BB checks, I bet $0.52, BB calls.River ($1.51): 5d. BB checks, I bet $1, BB raises to $2.76, I fold.–I intend to cbet small on the flop the vast majority of the time (especially now as I block so many value hands). The turn changes things a bit – I decide to bet big since I think my opponent has a lot of pair+draw hands.The river looks like a terrible card, but I assume I won’t get bluffed very much and while my opponent could certainly have me beat with 8x, there are a roughly equal number of rivered two-pair type hands (e.g. 55, A5) that probably won’t fold to a bet. Adding in the possibility of occasional other 2p+ that didn’t raise earlier made this profitable in my mind. However, at the time I didn’t take into account the possibility of 3x hands which makes things a bit worse. Am I bonkers for trying to get value here?When I get raised, I guess I’m against a straight almost all the time. The raise is pretty small, but I assume this is almost never a bluff and I don’t think people will raise low two pairs very often for thin value (except maybe Ax which I block pretty heavily). Reasonable fold?

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