Famous Diamond Jewelry Records

Famous Diamond Jewelry Records

Diamonds Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, and they’re also one of the most expensive gems on the market. Diamond rings are incredibly popular among women: The average woman in America owns at least one diamond ring, according to Statista. While getting engaged or married is typically the only time a woman will purchase jewelry as an investment, there are many famous diamonds out there that can serve as great investments. Here are some of the most expensive diamonds in history:

The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond is famous diamond jewelry, which was found in South Africa in 1905 and cut into many smaller diamonds, is the largest diamond ever found. It weighs 3,106.75 carats (about 1 pound). It’s named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who owned the mine where it was discovered and had it cut into nine major stones totaling 317 carats. These were then used to make other pieces of jewelry that were given as gifts by Queen Mary to various members of European royalty; now they’re part of their collections at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle (among others).

The second-largest rough uncut diamond ever found weighed 1,111 carats; it was mined at Kimberly Mine near Pretoria in 1868 and sold for $150 per ounce a little over $5 million today!

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is a 45.52-carat famous diamond jewelry that holds the title of the world’s largest cut diamond, and it is worth about $250 million. It was first discovered in India in 1666 by French trader Jean Baptiste Tavernier who sold it to Louis XIV, King of France. The king supposedly wore it as an eye patch when he went hunting so that no one would steal it from him!

In 1967, Harry Winston bought the Hope Diamond from Ladys husband Henry McLean for $1 million (the highest price paid at that time). He then donated it to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC where it sits today alongside other famous gems such as The Star of Africa or Cullinan II – both diamonds weighing over 3100 carats each!

The Centenary Diamond

The Centenary Diamond is an extremely large diamond that weighs approximately 5.11 carats. It was found in the Premier Mine in South Africa, and it’s a cushion cut stone with a very nice color grade of G. This makes it one of the most expensive diamonds ever sold at auction (to date).

The Golden Jubilee Diamond

  • The Golden Jubilee Diamond is a yellow diamond weighing 101.60 carats that were found in South Africa.
  • It was named after the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne.

The Dresden Green Topaz Necklace

The Dresden Green Topaz Necklace is one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in the world. It was sold at auction in 1970 and has remained an important piece of history since then. The necklace is made up of green topaz and diamonds, but it’s not just its beauty that makes it so valuable it also has historical significance.

The Dresden Green Topaz Necklace was created during the 18th century by royal jewelers in Dresden, Germany (hence its name). At that time, they were commissioned to make several pieces for members of royalty around Europe; this particular piece was given as a gift from King Frederick II of Prussia to Queen Charlotte Sophia Charlotte Luise von Mecklenburg-Strelitz when their marriage took place in 1752.

Diamond Jewelry Can Be Extremely Expensive

If you are looking for something to give your significant other, it might be hard to find something more valuable than diamond jewelry. Diamonds are the most valuable of all gemstones, and they have been considered a girl’s best friend since their discovery in 1866. Not only that, but diamonds are forever!


The Cullinan Diamond has been listed as the most expensive diamond in the world, but it’s not just expensive because of its size. Its history and rarity make it an exceptional piece that can only be found in museums today. If you want to own a piece of this amazing gemstone then be prepared to spend millions!